A Spiritual Experience

A feeling of immense gratitude enveloped my surroundings as I sat there in the church hall. The AA meeting about to commence, the previous feelings of fear, hurt and resentment reduced to a state of humility and simple reflection.

I was enlightened by the idea of somebody preparing a place for me. This gesture, Jesus like, created an opportunity for spiritual growth. Somebody had dedicated their time and effort so that I could sit here, sipping tea, resenting and seething with character defects. I listened sot hat ignorance could be washed away.

I felt gratitude genuinely in a way that expelled the feelings of unworthiness and inferiority. I had found my tribe, a sanctuary in which I could develop and learn how to experience life without having to seek oblivion.

I didn’t share my experience, strength and hope that evening, however I did learn to appreciate the facility and the means in which an addicted person can begin to heal, learn and recover.


Published by From Wretched to Recovery

Writing about my experience of alcoholism and recovery from addiction. The aftermath, the lessons learnt, the wisdom acquired, healing through gratitude, compassion and forgiveness.

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